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Why Calorie Restriction is the Way for Weight Loss

You want to lose but you don’t know what to do.

The answer is simple. you need to restrict your calories.

At first you won’t understand this concept but please be patient till I explain.

How your body works?

When you eat food, you eat calories. These calories are used as energy. In other words your body spends some calories. Now what if there is some calories left which is unspent? Then this is calorie is stored as fat.

The calorie is converted into fat for one simple reason; to be used in a later stage.

Unfortunately, with the steady supply of foods for us we never get the opportunity to use that stored up fat.

We continue to consume and the fat storage continues to increase. It is only when one  restricts calorie consumption that the fat stored is used up by the body and thereby resulting in a decreased weight loss.

Got the picture?

Which is the best Low calorie Diet?

There are several diets that are low in calorie. However, we recommend the HCG diet. The HCg diet is one of the oldest diet that recommends low calorie consumption. In fact it is so low that many people fear the numbers and never try it.

For instance the HCG diet insists on 900 calorie diet. This is 80% lower than the recommended daily calorie consumption for a normal person.

But there are still people who faithfully follow this low calorie diet and have lost considerable amount of weight. They use HCG drops along with HCG diet protocol and lose up to 25 pounds per month.

However, you need to note that HCG drops are an important thing to losing weight HCG diet.

For this you need to purchase HCG drops that are best.

Choosing the best HCG drop can be tough as there are loads of crappy sellers. You need to ensure that the manufacturers of HCG drops are following all the rules of the FDA in manufacturing.

Moreover, you need a seller that has positive rating all these years.

Most important of all do not fall into the trap of buying homeopathic HCG drops. They do nothing apart from taking your money.

Worst, Homeopathic HCG drops are nothing but are just sugar solutions.